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From: "D'ArcyZero the Goddess of Wine" 
Subject: v/veruca_salt/
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 1998 20:12:43 PST

Break-Up Song (by Louise Post), from the Shutterbug singletabbed by D*Arcy ( (B) (G) (A)-------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------|----11----11----11---8---8---8---4---4---4---6---6---6-|-------12----12--------9---9-------5---5-------7---7---|-------------------------------------------------------|-10----------------7-----------3-----------5-----------|
play that over this: I crawl out of sight for you dear I melt with the night, I disappear I won't have more fun with you Never get drunk with you I'll let you go for good I've pulled it apart for you dear I wait for my heart to shift gear (D5) (B) (E5) (G5)
play that over: I'll never sleep late with you Never get baked with you I'll never go back to you Never shoot smack with you (E5) (A5) (D)
play that over: I'll let you go for good I'll let you go for good I'll let you go then play the first part again
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