Verve Pipe – Villians tab

e: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 16:04:51 -0800 (PST)
From: margot tyndall 
Subject: v/verve_pipe/villians.crd

Artist: The Verve Pipe
Album: Villains
Song: Villains

Tabbed out by Brendan Tyndall.

        I know this is an old song, but no one's posted it yet, which I
can't figure out why, because the song rocks, and it's so easy!

Standard Tuning
Clean Electric

E E6 E7E-0---00--0---0-0-00-000-------------------------!B-0---00--0---2-3-33-3333-------------------------!G-1---11--1---1-1-11-1111-------------------------!D-2---22--2---2-2-22-2222-------------------------!A-2---22--2---2-2-22-2222-------------------------!E-0---00--0---0-0-00-0000-------------------------!
Play this riff for the whole song LYRICS I turned the volume up this morning till there was ringing in my ears, I haven't felt this good in years Another villain on the cover of every major magazine, the victim somewhere in between (HEAVY DISTORTION) See how they twist and shout (DRUMS IN) (CLEAN) As I'm searching for the story subscription cards fall the floor, I'm losing interest more and more To pick it up I'm bending over, out of the corner of my eye I see a pair of blazing thighs (HEAVY DISTORTION) See how they twist and shout See how they twist and shout (CLEAN) I straighten up to look her over, and up my back a shooting pain, it's bound to settle in my brain (HEAVY DISTORTION) (SCREAMING) ANOTHER VILLAIN ON THE COVER OF EVERY MAJOR MAGAZINE THE VICTIM SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN SEE HOW THEY TWIIST AND SHOUT SEE HOW THEY TWIIST AND SHOUT
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