Verve Pipe – Spoonful Of Sugar tab

Great song.  Sounds really good with a capo on the third fret, but I don't think that's
how BVA is playing it.  The song goes a little something like this:

Chords used: E G D B F# A D9 E7?e-0--3--2--2--2--0--0--0--b-0--0--3--4--2--2--3--0--G-1--0--2--4--3--2--2--1--D-2--0--0--4--4--2--0--0--A-2--2--0--2--4--0--0--2--E-0--3--x--2--2--0--x--0--
Goes like this: EGD on verses...the first two lines anyway E G D E I adore a confrontation, I should be ashamed. G D E A carnival of complication, everyone's to blame. C D F C We can see the rocket's red glare, pipebombs bursting in the air. C F D9 As we proudly hail our taxis out of the fight. Chorus: B F# A E7 B F# A E7 Singing born of this nation of white bread foundation B F# A E7 We're taping a king beaten off his crown. B F# A E7 My country, tis of thee, sweet land of irony. B F# A E7 Spoonful of sugar to wash it down.
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