Verve – This Is Music tab

Artist-The Verve
Song-This Is Music
Album-A Northern Soul
Writer-The Verve
Tabbed by S. McNally

Intro pattern

Verse 1 (intro pattern plays underneath) E I stand accused D A A/G E Just like you for being born without a silver spoon E D Stood at the top of a hill A A/G E Over my town I was found Chorus G A E I've been on the shelf too long G A E Sitting at home on my bed too long G A E Got my things and now I'm gone G A E How's the world gonna take me?
Verse 2 (Intro pattern plays under) Finding myself used to be hard But now, I see the light If love is a drug Then I don't need it Chorus I've been on the shelf too long Sitting at home on my bed too long Now it's time to hear my song How are you gonna take it? Bridge E I've been on the shelf too long E I've been on the shelf too long E I've been on the shelf too long E C'mon C'mon C'mon A A/G E We've got a lot of living to do E D There's a door in my mind that's open wide A A/G E Come inside come inside E D A A/G E (4x) Verse 3 (intro pattern plays under) Jesus never saved me He'll never save you too, and you know! I've got a little sticker on the back of my boot This is music Outro (same chords as verse, intro patter plays under) And now I see the light shining bright in my eyes If love is the drug then it ain't for me Well music is my life And loved by me I'm gonna move on the floor with my sweet young thing Down down down we go till we reach the bottom Of our soul with this is music
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