Verve - Lifes An Ocean tab

"Lifes An Ocean" by The Verve [tabbed by LIAMBLACKREBEL]

[Intro Bass Riff]

[Intro Guitar]
A A Asus2 Eme-----------------0---------------------------------------------|b--2--2---0-------0---------------------------------------------|G--2--2---2-------0---------------------------------------------|D--2--2---2-------2---------------------------------------------|A-----------------2---------------------------------------------|E-------------0-------------------------------------------------|
A Asus2 Em Life's An Ocean A Asus2 Em A Asus2 Em Too much commotion, too much emotion Dragging me down
[Chorus] E Ee--0----------------0----------------------------------------|b--0----------------0----------------------------------------|G--1----------------1----------------------------------------|D--2---2--4--5--4---2----------------------------------------|A--2---4--5--7--5---2----------------------------------------|E--0----------------0----------------------------------------|
Living for today, don't have time to pray Ready for the game Take a line of fickle flame Imagine the future Wake up with a scream I was buying some feelings From a vending machine Say that I will see Something more than I have There's something inside of me Crying out for something else And if someone hears my scream Put it in a letter to me Slippery slidey road down Life's an ocean too much commotion Not enough emotion to satisfy me Slippery slidey road down It's slippery slidey road down Hold my hand and we'll walk down Dry those eyes and we'll walk down Slippery slidey road down Life's an ocean, life's an ocean Too much commotion, too much emotion [tabbed by LIAMBLACKREBEL]
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