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Verve – Lucky Man tab

This is pretty much the intro/verse of "Lucky Man" by The Verve.I've put the lead part at the end cos it's easy to play while doing rythm.Scotty69 (G) (D) (A) e|-----3---3--2-2-22-(0)--------------0h2---------|b|-3---3-3-3--3-3-33-(0)-2---2-22-22------0h3-----|g|-0---0-0-0--2-2-22-----2---2-22-22--------------|d|-0---0-0-0--0-0-00-----2-2-2-22-22--------------|a|-2-2-2---2-------------0-0-0-00-00--------------|e|-3-3-3---3--------------------------------------|
This is repeated for verse and intro.
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