Vetiver - Another Reason To Go chords

transcribed by Ben Whitlock


Dm (bass plays D for four measures; rhythm guitar alternates between Dm and Am accents)

Dm Am Dm

Dm Am Dm


Dm Am No good job, no good town
DmNo roots planted down
AmWhy be lost when you could be found
Dm By another reason to go
Dm Am City lights so brightly blind
DmLike a low lay look your mind
AmStir crazy to the day you find there
DmAnother reason to go
Break: Dm Am Dm Dm Am Dm
Am Open eyes mean closing doors
DmWonder what they're waiting for
AmI was waiting but I ain't no more
DmI found another reason to go
F AmYou're hard headed like me
DmDon't give up easily
AmWhen I look back all I see
Dm F C DmIs another reason to go
Break/Bridge: Dm Am Dm Dm Am Dm Dm Am Dm Dm Am
Dm C Come near or far
Am Dm No matter where you are
Gm Bb AThere's a light surrounds you
Dm Am And if you stay strong let it shine
Dm Keep watching, soon you'll find
AmYour place and your good time
Dm F C DmNot another reason to go
Coda: Dm C Am Dm Gm Bb x7 Dm
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