Vetiver - Through The Front Door chords

Vetiver - Through The Front Door

Intro riff (played throughout the verses) A Bm A Bme|------------------------------------|B|-----3-5-3-----------5-3-2h3--------|G|-----4-6-4-----42----6-4-2h4---4--2-| 4xD|-----4-6-4---4-------6-4-2h4-4---4--|A|-0---------------0------------------|E|------------------------------------|
A BmWon't be back again,
A BmI know
A BmI feel beside you fall through me
A Bm
A Bm A BmThese rooms, these halls,
A BmGot a lot of memories,
A Bm
F#mAnd the way I see things,
G Don't do a damn for me.
Intro riff 2x
A BmThrough the front door,
A Bm
A BmI see the light of our room.
A Bm
A Bm A BmI've been wrong before,
A BmBut I've been right enough too.
A Bm
D C#m BmStill I won't be back no more
D C#m Bm
A Bm C#mI'm gonna drive and undo
C#m BmThese thoughts I'm free of the need to
Gbe free.
G A G A G G A D A G G Intro riff 2x
A Bm Won't be back again,
A Bm I know
A Bm 2x
A BmWon't be back again
A Bm I know
A Bm
A Bm I know
Piano solo follows the same A Bm pattern
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