Veto – Cannibal chords

G# Ebsus4 I brought the BBQ
C#sus4 G#the stars and all the rest
G# Ebsus4 C#sus4 G# it's such a shame that you just left me
G# Ebsus4 I came in second then
C#sus4 G# I'm in a marathon
G# G# I'll gain on you some day just trust me
I can't believe what I just witnessed here today a thousand memories just fade and fly away I'll find you someday in the middle of the war I can't believe that you don't need me anymore I brought the humor and a smile to fit your face I won't hear the words you will tell me I brought the liquor and the drunken attitude I can't believe that you can hate me I crawl back into the pieces of our plane I wish that we could fly again The melodic part in particular is |C---Eb Bb--|C#---C-G#-|, with each || being a 4/4 bar and each dash being 1/8 note. These are my first chords, so if they're incorrect please do correct them, but I think they sound nice.
A bit in doubt about the C#sus4 though, maybe it's just a C5. Anyways, have fun!
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