Vex Red – Cant Smile tab

Vex Red, Can't Smile.
 Tabbed by Myke,

Drop D Tuning

Intro/Chorus (Guitar 1):

Intro/Chorus (Guitar 2):
Bridge (\"Just Smile...\"):
This sound is actually a keyboard of some sort But it sounds ok if you play it like this. End:
This is also a keyboard but, again, It works just as well on guitar ******************************************************************* Lyrics: Keep it real I know that something is wrong with you I am too impatient To wait for someting new Why can't i say what i need you to hear *My hearts a dream* I know that you are here You are here You'll be there to Laugh you're head off when i fall I will go With them to look for something more Searching to change Will you identify Look at me close You'll see that i can't smile I can't smile \"Now smile...\" \"Smile...\" \"Why?\" \"Just do it...\" \"I'm afraid i can't smile without a reason...\" \"Smile...\" \"But what is there to smile about...?\" \"Just do it...\" \"Why...?\" You think you're so good When your toking And fucked Your smoking Thats not what it's all about Can't Smile ******************************************************************* *Lyrics may be wrong in certain places... Hey, i'm only human. VEX RED RULE!!! :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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