Victoria Justice - Make It Shine chords version 4

Make it shine
This is my first tab. Hope you like it!

Chords:D, A, Bm and G

D AHere I am
BmOnce again and then
AI breathe it in
BmTo let it go
G DAnd you don't know where you are now
AOr what it would come to
Bm GIf only somebody can hear
DWhen you figure out how
AYou burst in the moment
Then you disappear
DYou don't have to be afraid
ATo put your dream in action
BmYour never gonna fade
GYou'll be the main attraction
DNot a fantasy
AJust remember me
Bm GWhen it turns out right
DCause you know that if you live
AIn you imagination
BmTomorrow you'll be
GEverybody's fascination
DIn my victory
AJust remember me
Bm GWhen I make it shine
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