Vienna Teng - Erics Song chords

I was surprised to find this song wasn't covered anywhere I could find, so I took it
myself to throw together the closest interpretation I could manage.  There's a lot of
in the recording, she often will flit between the A and an Asus2 from the sounds of it, 
these chords played in an arpeggio style work quite well for be.  Please feel free to send
comments, corrections or questions to :) hope you enjoy

A    E

A EStrange how you know inside me
F#m F#m7 D Dsus2I measure the time and I stand amazed
A EStrange how I know inside you
F#m F#m7 D Dsus2My hand is outstretched toward the damp of the haze
A EAnd of course I forgive
A EI've seen how you live
F#m F#m7 ELike a phoenix you rise from the ashes
D Dsus2You pick up the pieces
A EAnd the ghosts in the attic
F#m F#m7 D Dsus2They never quite leave
A EAnd of course I forgive
A EYou've seen how I live
F#m F#m7 EI've got darkness and fears to appease
D Dsus2My voices and analogies
A EAmbitions like ribbons
F#m F#m7 D Dsus2Worn bright on my sleeve
A EStrange how we know each other
A EStrange how I fit into you
F#m F#m7 D Dsus2There's a distance erased with the greatest of ease
A EStrange how you fit into me
F#m F#m7 D Dsus2A gentle warmth filling the deepest of needs
A EAnd with each passing day
A EThe stories we say
F#m F#m7 EDraw us tighter into our addiction
D Dsus2Confirm our conviction
A EThat some kind of miracle
F#m F#m7 D Dsus2Passed on our hands
A EAnd how I am sure
A ELike never before
F#m F#m7 EOf my reasons for defying reason
D Dsus2Embracing the seasons
A EWe dance through the colors
F#m D Dsus2Both followed and led
A EStrange how we fit each other
(bridge. I THINK this is largely variations on the A E theme from the intro with the D and Dsus2 thrown in. Unfortunately I'm not 100% on this part) A E
A EStrange how certain the journey
F#m F#m7Time unfolds the petals
D Dsus2For our eyes to see
A EStrange how this journey's hurting
F#m F#m7 D Dsus2In ways we accept as part of fate's decree
A ESo we just hold on fast
A EAcknowledge the past
F#m F#m7 EAs lessons exquisitely crafted
D Dsus2Painstakingly drafted
A ETo carve us as instruments
F#m D Dsus2That play the music of life
A EFor we don't realize
A EOur faith in the prize
F#m F#m7 EUnless it's been somehow elusive
D Dsus2How swiftly we choose it
A EThe sacred simplicity
F#m F#m7 D Dsus2Of you at my side
A E to coda
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