Vienna Teng - City Hall chords

Vienna Teng - City Hall

the chords go basically like:

Intro: G C G    C G D G

Strophe: G C G  D  C G  (x2)

Pre-Chorus: C  C  G D/F# Em  C  D

Chorus: G  C G C G D
        G  C G D Em C D G

the accurate chords:

Intro: G C G    C G D G

Strophe 1:
G C GMe and my baby on a february holiday
D'cause we got the news
C GYeah, we got the news
G C G500 miles and we're gonna make it all the way
DWe've got nothing to lose
C GWe've got nothing to lose
C It's been 10 years waiting
CBut it's better late than the never
G D/F# EmWe've been told before
C DWe can't wait one minute more
G C GOh, me and my baby driving down
C G D D6 D7To a hilly seaside town in the rainfall
G C GOh, me and my baby stand in line
D EmYou've never seen a sight so fine
C DAs the love that's gonna shine
GAt city hall
G C G C G D G Strophe 2:
G C GMe and my baby've been through a lot of good and bad
DLearned to kiss the sky
C GMade our momma's cry
G C D EmI've seen a lot of friends after giving it all they had
C DLay down and die
GLay down and die
C C10 years into it here's our window
G D/F# EmAt the vegas drive-thru chapel
C DIt ain't too much for 'em all to handle
Chorus G C G C G D G Strophe 3:
G C GOutside, they're handing out donuts and pizza pies
DFor the folks in pairs
C Gin the folding chairs
G C GMy baby's lookin' so damned pretty with those anxious eyes
DRain-speckled hair
C G/B Am GAnd my ring to wear
C C10 years waiting for this moment of fate
G D/F# EmWhen we say the words and sign our names
G D/F# Em DIf they take it away again someday
C DThis beautiful thing won't change
Chorus (2x)
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