Vienna Teng - Pontchartrain chords

Vienna Teng
(Dreaming Through the Noise - 2006)

Intro: C ...

C C F# CSunday: dark water draining north, the heat swells and bursts like plague.
C C F# CSunday: ever-so-faint slow tambourine glides onward toward the grave.
Abmaj7Who drew the line?
EWho drew the line between you and me?
Abmaj7 G Who drew the line that everyone sees?
C C F# Darling, Lake Pontchartrain is haunted: bones without names,
Cphotographs framed in reeds.
C C Darling, what blood our veins are holding.
F# CThe overpass frozen, fires ablaze at sea.
Abmaj7Who drew the line?
EWho drew the line that cuts to the skin, buries me in?
Abmaj7Tell me who drew the line.
GDarling don't close your eyes.
Interlude: C ... F# ...
Fm Eb Ab CmLie as darkness hardens.
Fm Eb Ab CmLie of our reunion.
Db Eb Ab CmO lie if God is sleeping.
Db Eb FmO I believe you now.
Fm Eb Ab Cm Fm Eb Ab C ... F# ... C ... F# ... C ... F# ... C ... F# ...
C C F# CDarling, Lake Pontchartrain will cradle me, and all you left behind.
C C F# CListen: ever-so-faint slow tambourine is marching back through time.
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