Vienna Teng - Kansas chords

Vienna Teng
(Inland Territory - 2009)

Intro: Bm G D D
       Bm G D D

Bm G D ASun sets in an ocean of brown farmland haze
Bm G D F#mThe power lines draped across roads you could drive on for days
Em A EmWell it's all too perfect, time to look
A BmBack at us now
G DEndless and empty like Kansas
BmOur cities of clouds
G DFlat on the table like Kansas
Bm G D AI lay down in sheets, suddenly worn threadbare
Bm G D F#mEvery wall I lean on transforms to sliding doors and thin air
Em A Em AWell I hope yours is kinder, let go of this when you find her
BmBury this hard
G DDown underneath your white canvas
BmOur houses of cards
G DFlat on the table like Kansas
F# F#/A# Bm It's not regret, just an unexpected accounting of debts
F#/A#Only now called
Em/C# F#/A#No it's not regret, just remembrance is all
Bm BmOf how close we had come, the war almost won
ABut I sent up our flag and moved on
BmYou and I
G DLost to the winter like Kansas
BmAnd all my goodbyes
G DFlat on the table like Kansas
Bm G D D
Bm G D Bm G D discounting of debts, only now called
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