Vienna Teng – Unwritten Letter 1 chords

Am Dm E Am

Am DmNightfall we're brushing past your town
Am DmDestination not you my one
Am DmThe driver doesn't know way down
EHow deep these bright-eyed feelings run
Am DmI've no intention of confessing today
G CI need to make distance a while
Am DmBut miles don't make your image fade
EThey don't erase this secret smile
Am DmEverything reminds me
G CWet grey gold-lit streets
Am DmShop displays near-lovers meet
E AmI feel the grasp of your hand still
Am DmThis your face now in the glass
G CBreathing whisper what is this
Am DmBent so close we nearly kiss
E AmAlthough we never will
Am Dm E Am
Am DmStrange that there's no hurtful need
Am DmUsed to be my only sign
Am DmOn my mind would make me bleed
EWhy is it that I'm feeling fine
Am DmWhy is it this warmth within
G CNo candlelight that causes burn
Am DmMemories of you begin
EWell welcome friends
AmGlad you've returned
Am DmEverything reminds me
G CMusic surging bedroom dance
Am DmCrazy spinning sultry glance
E AmI inhale your presence still
Am DmThese your arms of daring grace
G CEncircle me, what pact is made
Am DmDesire is your masquerade
E AmWant me you never will
BbYou gave me truth
AI chose illusion
Bb ANow we are used to this confusion
DmBut I know
EYes I know
AmThis story has to end
Bb ANever groped for a connection
Bb ANever hoped for more affection
DmFor I know
Dm7 EI know I am your friend
Am Dm EOnly your friend
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