Vienna Teng - Recessional tab

			     RECESSIONAL - Vienna Teng

(most of the dyads can be played using the low E and A strings)

         cm(no 5th)                                            
it's so beautiful here, she says, 
            Bb(no 3rd)         Ab(no 3rd)
this moment now. and this moment, now. 
       fm7(no 3rd)          cm                  
and I never thought I would find her here: 
Bb                                    Ab
flannel and satin, my four walls transformed.
          cm         Bb   gm7          Ab        
but she's looking at me, straight to center, 
cm         Bb      gm7          Ab
no room at all for any other thought. 
      cm(no 5th)   Bb(no 3rd)       adim(no 3rd)      Ab(no 3rd)
and I know I don't want this. oh I swear I don't want this.
          fm7           gm        fm      Ab
there's a reason not to want this but I forgot.

(single notes: Eb-Bb-G-F)

       cm            Bb           Ab-AbMAJ7-Ab
in the terminal she sleeps on my shoulder,
cm             cm7    gm7
hair falling forward, mouth all askew.
fm7                                  cm               
fluorescent announcements beat their wings overhead: 
Bb                        AbMA7/G     Ab
passengers missing, we're looking for you. 
        cm                 Bb         gm7       Ab
and she dreams through the noise, her weight against me, 
cm             Bb      gm7      Ab
face pressed into the corduroy grooves. 
cm              Bb       adim(no 3rd)  Ab
maybe it means nothing, maybe it means nothing, 
   cm          Bb           gm7          Ab
maybe it means nothing, but I'm afraid to move.

Trumpet solo: 
Trumpet single notes:      Eb-Bb- G - F
 Chord progression:         cm-cm-Ab-Bb

(repeat 4x, hold Bb one additional bar the 4th time)

          cm             Bb            Ab
and the words: they're everything and nothing. 
          cm         Bb         gm7       Ab
I want to search for her in the offhand remarks. 
         fm7                     cm
who are you, taking coffee, no sugar? 
         Bb           gm7   Ab
who are you, echoing street signs? 
        cm          Bb            gm7        Ab
who are you, the stranger in the shell of a lover, 
cm            Bb           gm7        Ab
dark curtains drawn by the passage of time? 
     Eb       Eb/G      adim(no3rd) Bb7(no 5th)
oh words like rain, how sweet the sound. 
       cm(add6)  Bb         gm7       Ab      
well anyway, she says, I'll see you around...


Vienna sings notes unaccompanied: Eb-Bb-G-F 
one time, piano and bass rejoin 2nd time
with cm-cm-Ab-Bb)

Repeats melody with 
chord progression:

cm-cm/g-Ab-Bb (6x)

Bb holds for 1 extra bar, finishes on cm

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