Viking - Kissed By The Sun tab

[Gloucester Road, 2005]


---3---5-3h5p3---3---5--|-3---3---------3---3----|------------------------|------------------------|------------------------|------------------------| x3
G When you are kissed by the sun, by the sun C Rays of light as warm as a cup of milk Am shine on your tabby head G you close your eyes D Em C It radiates life and symphonies G Em G Em just like in calm days G Em Yes I know how you're feeling G Em and the world keeps on thinking G Em about hundreds and hundreds lies D to freeze the minds C G but I don't care, no. When you are kissed by the sun, by the sun You don't know how stupid human beings say that their own deeds are not natural The Catholic Church and its terrorists say we're nothing here but I am worth a lot! Yes I know... D Everybody wants to kill, wants to kill C G the strong taste of knowledge because they D mistake progress and technocracy C G in a dogma-light D C G Oh have you seen the Rainbow Warrior sink? D While it was switching the sun off, your sun off C G 'cause it's radioactive, it's radioactive D like an atomic bomb C G F D and it is dangerous!
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