Villagers – The Waves chords

First tab so bear with me!

Em There are waves
Bm Up in the diamond sky
D Stronger than you and I
C (Em) Am a wave
Bm I break through the barrier reef
D Cut through the carbon sea
C Approaching the shore
Em Look at the sky, look at the trees
Bm Man, its all the same to me
Look at the cars, look at the birds
D And all of these invented words
One bodys dying breath is anothers birth
C What are you running from?
What are you running from?
Em Bm Sister jewelry, brother judging, you are recognized this grudge
D Buried deep beneath the sands of these ridiculous demands
No time for innocence, or sitting on the fence
C What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna Chorus:
G When the waves
Bm Cover the coastal plains
F The tents and the cars and the trains
C And the trace of honey bees sanitaries
G Of well insulated dignitaries
Bm F All screaming of the memory of the human love
C For anything, or anyone
Repeat the same pattern for the rest of the song.
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