Vince Gill – I Still Believe In You tab

Key of Eb, capo 1 (see notes below)

INTRO: (see riff below)
|D |G |D |G |

|D |A |G |Asus4 A |F#m |G |Em |Asus4 / / A|G |D/F# |Bm |G  Asus4 A|
                                             __ __
CHORUS:                                     |1.|2.
|D |C |Em / / D/F#|G A|D |C |Em / / D/F#|G A|D |G |

|G |G |G |

D                         A
Everybody wants a little piece of my time
G                          Asus4       A
But still I put you at the end of the line
F#m                       G
How it breaks my heart to cause you this pain
Em                        Asus4       A
To see the tears you cry fallin' like rain
G           D/F#
Give me the chance to prove
Bm               G     Asus4 A
And I'll make it up to you

D                  C
I still believe in you
       Em             D/F#   G   A
With a love that will always be 
D                      C
Standing so strong and true     ___   ___
     Em             D/F# G  A  |1.D  |2.G 
Baby I still believe in you and me     me

TAG (see INTRO riff below)

Somewhere along the way, I guess I just lost track
Only thinkin' of myself never lookin' back
For all the times I've hurt you, I apologize
I'm sorry it took so long to finally realize
Give me the chance to prove
That nothing's worth losing you

(repeat CHORUS)

INTRO and TAG riff (capo 1)

_ ___ ___ _ ___ ___ \ |_| | | | | | |_| | | | | | / | | | | | | | | /| | | | | | | | \ ||-----|-2------------------------|--------------------------|------||-3-5-|-----3--3-----------------|--------------------------|------||--\/-|------\/----2--2----------|-----2--2-----------------|------||---H-|-------T-----\/-------5-4-|-5----\/------------------|------||-----|--------------T--------\/-|-------T----2----2--------|-0----||-----|------------------------P-|--------------\/----------|------| T
NOTES Another alternative is to put a capo on the third fret: no capo capo 1 capo 3 Eb D C Fm Em Dm Gm F#m Em Ab G F Bb A G Cm Bm Am Db C Bb TAB SYMBOLS H = hammer on P = pull off T = tied note /| = eighth rest \ / = quarter rest \
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