Vines – Anysound chords

Hey so I noticed that the other tabs got the jist of this song,
but I put a good amount of time listening to this and tabbing it
right to the words -by ear-. This should help you get a true idea
and feel of playing and singing the song. I simply wrote the chord-letter names to 
simplify it, but power-chords are to be used, whether you'd
like to go up or down on each change, get the feel of it.

**on track, a 2nd guitar is constantly
doing the muted part at the 5th fret**

(C - D - C - A)I am a Vine
All twisted and frayed Lookin' for light A million ways
D- D- D- D A - A C-C-C-C Time hangin' around
D- D- D- D A - A
C-C D Been gettin' me down now baby, yeah
D - D - D A-A-C-C-C-CShow me any sooooooound
F F F F D,D,D,DKill me now I'm deeeead
chorus notes: **when it comes to the F chord, GO UP (x8.10.10.xx) and GO DOWN to the D chord (x577xx) (the last D chords are belligerent, rested apart)**
(C - D - C - A)Keep for yourself
Or throw it away Damage your health Or manage your brain (chorus) Time hangin' around Been getting' me down now baby yeah Show me any sound Kill me now I'm dead
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