Vines - Down At The Club tab

Down at the Club
[The Vines]

Verse 1:
  C             G
I sat up on the stage
          Am           Em
Where the audience was paid to watch
             Fm            G
to watch the reeling of an eye
  C             G
I didn't have a clue
                Am          Em
Worked out what I was tryna do
           Fm             G
Now I keep stealing for a light

Chorus 1:
   Dm          Fm                 C      C/B 
So, why do you make me say you're right
Dm         Fm
Why do you make me say?

Verse 2:
I'm walking through the rain
So sick of dealing with the pain
I put my head up to the sky
The highway was a mess
Each day it seems that they care less
About the holes I've got to climb

Chorus 2:
   Dm          Fm                 C      C/B 
So, why do you make me say you're right
Dm         Fm
Why do you make me say
       G#         Fm   C   G# Fm        C
You're right away......... maybe you're right
G# Fm
Maybe you're

Down at the club where the average man goes
He doesn't ask much for his money
He's going to work, well he's going to be late
He presses his luck, It's not funny

Solo (over verse chords):G|-----------------------------------------------------|D|---0-2-0-----------0-2-0-----------------------------|A|---------3---------------3-----0-2-3-----3-3---------|E|-3---------3-3-3-3---------3-3-------4-4------3---3--|
Repeat Chorus 1 End on C
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