Vineyard – Not Be Shaken chords

EI will declare my choice to the nations
C#mShout for joy in the congregation
A2I will worship God, worship God
BsusAll my days
EThose who love the Lord are satisfied
C#mThose who trust in Him are justified
A2I will serve my God, serve my God
BsusAll my days
E B A2Women: When the nations crumble
BsusMen: The word of the Lord will stand
E B A2Women: King may rise and fall
BsusMen: His love will endure
E B A2Women: Though the strong may stumble
Bsus A2Men: Ah the joy of the Lord will stand
BsusAll: To my soul
A2 BsusI will not be shaken
A2 BsusI will not be moved
-(no guitar)- E I will not be shaken End solo: C#m A2 Bsus E
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