Vineyard – Beauty chords

Introduction: Cadd9 G/B* Em D CM7

C G/B Em D Cadd9 CM7I close my eyes
C G/B Em Cadd9 CM7And I see the beauty of Your face
C G/B Em D Cadd9 CM7The love that is there just shines
C G/B Em D Cadd9 CM7And there’s no other place I’d rather set my eyes
Pre Chorus
C2 Em D/F# C My body is Your temple
C2 Em D/F# C Warmed by Your flame
C2 Em D/F# C I love You with all my heart
C2 Em D/F# G D C And I know You love me the same way
C G D CI hear Your call
C G D CThe sound of Your voice
C G D CTakes hold of my heart
C G D CAnd lifts me into Your arms
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