Vineyard – Let Your Glory Fall tab

C   D    D/F#  G    G2/B
 Father of creation
C           D    D/F#    G    G2/B
 unfold your sovereign plan
C           D        Em      Bm/D
 Raise up a chosen generation
Am7                           D
 that will march through the land

All of creation is longing
for your unveiling of power
Would you release your anointing
oh God let this be the hour

D        G      D/G            C/E   G/D
Let your glory fall in this room
        C              G/B        Dsus    D  
let it go forth from here to the nations
         G           D/G            C/E    G/D
Let your fragrance rest in this place
      Am7       Dsus   D   G
as we gather to seek your face.

C   D    D/F#  G    G2/B
 Ruler of the nations
C          D     D/F#   G    G2/B
 the world has yet to see
C           D              Em    Bm/D
 the full release of your promise
Am7                  D
 the church in victory

Turn to us Lord and touch us
make us strong in your might
Overcome our weakness
that we could stand up and fight

F           C        G    C/E
Let your kingdom come
	(Let your kingdom come)
F          C       G   C/E
let your will be done
	(let your will be done)
F        C       G    C/E
let us see on earth
	(let us see on earth)
F          C          Dsus    D
the glory of your son
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