Violent Delight - All You Ever Do tab

Violent Delight - All You Ever Do

Hi i hope you all like this and sound sgood for you sounds good for me


Intro e|-------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------------------| D|--XX5-XX5--8--6--XX5-XX5--8--10--XX5-XX5--8--6--3--6---| A|--XX3-XX3--6--6--XX35-XX3--6--8--XX3-XX3--6--6--3--6---| D|--------------6------------------------------6--3--6---|
Verse x2 e|-----------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------| D|-5--8--6--5--8--6--5--8--6--3--6---| A|-3--6--6--3--6--6--3--6--6--3--6---| D|-------6--------6--------6--3--6---|
Chorus x4e|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-----------------| D|-8--10--6--5--6--| A|-6--8---6--5--6--| D|--------6--5--6--|
Verse x2 Chorus x4
Hold (after 10 ) ( 8 )e|----| B|----| G|----| D|-6--| A|-6--| D|-6--|
Now im abit unsure on teh bridge im sure you will figure it out if ist wrong
Bridge x6e|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-----------------| D|-33333333/4/3/4/-| A|-33333333/4/3/4/-| D|-33333333/4/3/4/-|
Verse x1 Chorus x4
Outroe|-----------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------| D|-5--8--6--5--8--10--5--8--6--3--6--| A|-3--6--6--3--6--8---3--6--6--3--6--| D|-------6------------------6--3--6--|
Hope you liked it any probs e-mail me at:
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