Violent Femmes – Color Me Once tab

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Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 23:50:52 -0800 (PST)
From: Jonadz 
Subject: TAB: "Color Me Once" (Violent Femmes)

; COLOR ME ONCE            ;
;           Violent Femmes ;
;                          ;

Here's what I can offer to get you started. Lyrics are
more or less from Int'l Lyrics Server (
Time is 4/4.

INTRO:e||------------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------||B||------------------|----------------|----------------|-----------------||G||o-----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------o||D||o--3---2-2--0---0-|-3---2-2--0---0-|-3---2-2--0---0-|-3---2-2--0---0-o||A||-------------\3---|-----------\3---|-1---------\3---|-----------\3----||E||-[10]-------------|[5]-------------|[3]-------------|[0]--------------||Bass follows with the notes tabbed on the E-string (so same tab for thebass, but an octave higher)
Mute 7th fret Mute 5th fret Mute 7th frete||----|------------------||---|-----------------|---|------------------|B||--R-|------------------||-R-|-----------------|-R-|------------------|G||o-e-|-----------------o||-e-|-----------------|-e-|------------------|D||o-s-|-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-o||-s-|-X-X-X-X-X-X-5p0-|-s-|-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X--|A||--t-|------------------||-t-|-----------------|-t-|-8888777766665432-|<-+E||----|------------------||---|-----------------|---|------------------|
| 2nd gtr, palm mute ----+ VERSE 1: D5/A C5 D5/A There might be two gtrs here, but in Color me once, color me twice any case, here's what I've got. D5/A C5 D5/A Everything gonna turn out nice Gm Everlasting love you gotta F Keep me from these false alarms D5/A C5 D5/A Sayin alarm, alarm, I seem so sad D5/A C5 D5/A Ring, ring, I see her I'm glad Gm Maybe, maybe F I'm the fire of her desire D5/A C5 D5/A Patience, patience said the man D5/A C5 D5/A Patience, patience, I can't understand Gm Patience like a man and a wife F I got patience on my neck like a coco that D5/A C5 D5/A I say Jack be nimble, Jack fall dead D5/A C5 D5/A Jack bend over and give Jilly head Gm Oh, you gotta help my body heal my soul
SOLO 1: ^ = bende|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------5---5-7-7^7-5-7---5-7-|D|-0-2---3-2---0/5---5/7-7-7-7-7-5-7-7-8---8-------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------| 2nd gtr plays some chords here.
VERSE 2: D5/A C5 D5/A Dead men working, a sinner, a saint D5/A C5 D5/A Mixing up a pail of paint Gm Painted the house black as night F But when the sun came up the house was white D5/A etc, Gotta go on, gotta go on We gotta go on, you gotta go on We gotta go on SOLO 2: Wait til I get a wah-pedal... OUTRO: Same as the intro, except for a final A|-X-|.
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