Violent Soho - Love Is A Heavy Word tab

buddies listen to the song to get the rhytm (?)
it's 76% correct...i guess...

INTROguitars I and II (played four times buddies) (headbangin')e|-------------------------|b|-------------------------|g|-------------------------|d|-99-1111-99-1111-99/1515-|a|-99-1111-99-1111-99/1515-|D|-99-1111-99-1111-99/1515-| (11's!!)
(played four times without guitar II then with guitar II (capiche?))guitar I guitar IIe|-----------------------| e|-------------------------|b|-----------------------| b|-------------------------|g|-----------------------| g|-------------------------|d|-----------------------| d|-------------------------|a|-----------------------| a|-------------------------|D|-99-1111-99-1111-99/33-| D|-99-1111-99-1111-99/1515-|PM .. . . .. . . .. .. PM .. . . .. . . .. . .
INTRO(again) (Rock here)then...(still rocking)This part (both guitars)e|-------------------|b|-------------------|g|-------------------|d|-9-119-119-33/1111-|a|-9-119-119-33/1111-|D|-9-119-119-33/1111-|
Verse again then Intro or chorus (whatever,but you still rocking) break part (only bass i think) "say my name..." part (=
then this till the ende|-------------------|b|-------------------|g|-------------------|d|-9-119-119-33/1111-|a|-9-119-119-33/1111-|D|-9-119-119-33/1111-|
hope you enjoy it... any comments, suggestion or questions ask to god...nah i'm kidding HAVE FUN!! and keep rockin!! with love <3 MISAEL ;)
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