Virus – Battles tab

song: Battles
album: "still fighting for a future"

This song is pretty easyIf you're a real virus fan (or fan of punk at all)
you should know how to play this.

chords used:

D G Ae-------------------B-------------------G--7----------------D--7------5-------7-A--5------5-------7-E---------3-------5-
verse: D G chorus: A G D (D has some palm mutes goin on. you can listen to it and figure it out.) solo:
E---------------------------- B---------------7-7-7-7------G--7-7-7--9-9-9---------9-7--D----------------------------A----------------------------E---------------------------- (play that 2 times then:
that's it. real easy song. ill post some more virus tabs and maybe some havoc tabs later for the few of you that care. email me with any comments, good or bad. thanx
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