Virus - Celebrity Gossip tab

this is second guitar intro, both guitars verse and chourse.....havnt figured out the solo yet...

g ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ring tell faded--9----9----9----- - 7X8----12X4---5X4---------|a--7----7----7------ 5------10-----3-----------| X1e------------------- --------------------------| after "celebrity gossip" is screamed
chord productionE-----------------------------------|B-----------------------------------|G-----------------------------------|D-7---------------------------------|A-5--------3--------5---------------|E----------1--------3---------------| D5 F5 G5
D5 F5 G5 Have you read the papers and heard the s**t they say? D5 F5 G5 Everything I don't want to know, will we be blown away? D5 F5 G5 See, nothing really matters just who is f**king who D5 F5 G5 Nothing that affects our lives, nothing about me or you chorus: D5 Biased f**king bulls**t F5 G5 No I don't give a s**t D5 Celebrity f**king Gossip F5 G5 You are full of it D5 Right wing propaganda F5 G5 You give me f**king doubt D5 Bleeding heart agenda D5 F5 G5 What I f**king read about D5 F5 G5 You sit and watch the drama as they numb your brain D5 F5 G5 They take you f**king mind and flush it down the f**king drain D5 F5 G5 If this is what is news then I don't give a s**t D5 F5 G5 Just let them be clueless, just let me abort the skit repeat chorus
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