Vision Of Disorder - Adelaide tab

Band- Vision Of Disorder
Song- Adelaide

Key: x=mute

Tune all strings down one whole step to DGCFAD

Chorus/Intro 4 times

D-----------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------|F----------33-------333---7\6-66-6\5-55-5\4-44-4\3-33-|C---2----2-33---222-333---5\4-44-4\3-33-3\2-22-2\1-11-|G---2----2-11---222-111-------------------------------|D---0----0------000-----------------------------------| -Use a chorus effect for second part of intro.
Mellow Verse section -not sure of this part but you can just improvise it using wah or something. Bridge Times 4 'Oh God wont you take me'........
Repeat Verse Repeat Chorus Bridge Part 2 -not sure of this part either, again you can try and improvise this part. Any suggestions are welcome Repeat Bridge but emphasise chugs on muted part on 2nd and 4th bars.
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