Vivian Girls - Cant Get Over You chords

Vivian Girls - Can't Get Over You

INTRO:  C   Am Em   F   G     x2


CNow I shouldn't give you one more chance
Fmaj7 GBut my heart just stopped when you asked me to dance
CAnd I know that you hurt me so
Fmaj7 GBut I love you so much, I just can't let you go
Dm AmAll my friends say they think I'm crazy
Dm AmBut when I'm with you my mind is hazy
Dm Am Ah-huh, ah-huh-a-huh-a-huh
GOh, no
Em Am Em AmI can't, I can't
F GI can't get over you x2
INTRO: C Am Em F G x1 VERSE TWO (same chords): Say you love me and you won't tell a lie But then bright the next day you tell me goodbye And I know that you hurt my pride But keep loving me baby just stay by my side BRIDGE TWO (same chords):
Yeah I know that I'm being dumbBut when I'm with you my heart is thumpingAh-huh, ah-huh-ah-huh-ah-huhOh, no
CHORUS x4 (ending on an open C chord) BRIDGE THREE (same chords)
So you wanna make time for cheating'Cause I can't stop my heart from beatingAh-huh, ah-huh-ah-huh-ah-huhOh, no
BRIDGE FOUR (same chords)
Just come on back to me babyYou're so messed up it's making me crazyAh-huh, ah-huh-ah-huh-ah-huhOh, no
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