Volbeat - Being 1 chords

Volbeat tunes their guitars down one whole step, but i think this song is easier to play 
with just a half step down: Eb-B-Gb-Db-Ab-Eb

Not perfect, but better than nothing.

C D (C) Am H (Am) G 
G C (let ring)

[Verse 1]
COne word took the other
C Amand suddenly we're stronger than we ever could imagine
C AmA bond that can go through the fire of hell
AmSharing one mind one heart forever
Dm GI've been holding you for a year or two
C AmYou're the reason why I'm holding up
Dm GAnd our love's gonna last forever
C AmWe'll be dancing the streets again in Memphis
Dm G (pm) F (pm) C (let ring)I hate every sec every minute you're gone
[Verse 2]
C AmFor so long we been talking and sharing the dirt
AmBeen laughing at the fools who couldn't hear us
C AmGetting stronger together and falling in love
AmAnd nothing in the world can separate us
[Chorus] [Break] C-Am G G-Am-C
C Am C AmOhohoo-Ohohohohoho-Ohohoho-Oho
[Chorus] [Outro] C Am G C (let ring) C (pm)
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