Voltaire – The Vampire Club tab

this is how i play it. it sounds good on my guitar.
no guarentees you'rs will too.  but i stayed up all night watching crappy quality 
videos of his live performances to learn it, so give me props for at least THAT.

G Oh, the moon was full And the color of blood The night the pirates came To the Vampire Club D Their leader was tall and snide and slim G He looked like a gay Captain Morgan Well, he recognized a Vampire From his school And he did something that was Most uncool, he said, D "Hey everybody, see the fool in the cape?" G His name's Bernie Weinstein And he's in the 8th grade!" C G Fangs were flying, capes were torn C Hell hath no fury like a Vampire scorned G Number one rule in this game: C Never call one by his real name G Wigs were pulled, top hats were crushed By pointy boots in a rush C And Boris at the bar orders a Bud and says, "It's just another night at the Vampire Club." G Missi lost a fang in the ladies room And we all laughed and called her "Snaggletooth!" D And Dee was mad cause he broke his cane G And he flushed his contacts down the drain There was so much angst after the fight Vlad and Akasha broke up that night D While some rivet-heads danced in a puddle of goo G That used to be "Father" you-know-who! INSTRUMENTAL- C--G--C--G--C--D-- G Well, its hard to believe but we're still around And when we hang out it's allways upside down D Dressed in black from toe to head singing, G "Bela Lugosi's still undead!" A gaggle of goths is a peaceful site We'd do anything to avoid a fight D But if you really want to see some gore and blood G Wait 'til the Ravers come to the Vampire Club
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