Voltaire - Cannibal Buffet chords

Cannibal Buffet by Voltaire

There seems to be a shortage of tabs and chords for songs by Voltaire. So I tried to 
out the chords for Cannibal Buffet. I think they're mostly accurate, but I might've missed 
Feel free to PM me if you notice any errors.

NOTE: This is for standard tuning. Apparantly, Voltaire prefers to play with his guitar 
down a whole step. It still sounds the same way though.

DmWell, I was on a cruise ship out at sea, my fiancée and me
Gm DmThe ship went down, everybody drowned
A A7 DmAnd I was just glad the sea didn't swallow me
DmWell, I was in distress, 'cause my hair was such a mess
Gm DmAnd so I washed up on a beach
A A7 DmNine hungry eyes were staring down at me.
Dm Bb DmI'm in the middle of the Cannibal Buffet
A DmI'm feeling well; they like me that way
Gm DmSee, if you really wanna know what's eatin' me
A A7 DmIt's the man-eaters on the coast of Barbary
DmOh, trouble was afoot - they were eatin' mine
Toein' the party line,
Gm DmI was startin' to feel, "these guys are heels"
A A7 DmBut, the truth be told, these cannibals have got sole
DmHey, numbskull, look at me, I got a bone to pick with thee
Gm DmYou ain't humerus, stop ribbin' me
A A7 DmHave a spine, bone up on settin' me free
Bb Dm Bb DmMissionaries came to this place
Bb DmThey taught us manners
A A7 DmNow we cannibals always say grace...
(Thank you Good Lord for this weiner we're about to eat, and the sweet buns we're gonna stick it in) AND THEN WE EAT YOUR FACE!! (Last chorus and outro)
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