Voltaire – Zombie Prostitute chords

Tuning: DGCFAd


Em          022000
Am x02210Asus2add11+ 021200
Intro: Em
EmI was alone and I needed a date.
Em AmI was takin' a walk to the cemetery gate when I,
Am EmI saw a sign, it said, "For a good time,
Emtake a left down at tombstone number 8."
EmWent through the gateway and I'm pretty sure I
Em AmSaw some eyes peeking out of a sepulture, I
Am EmTook a step into the tomb of ill repute.
EmThat's where I met her, the zombie prostitute.
Chorus (ladadadadaa etc.) Em Am Em Am Em Am Em Am Em Asus2add11+ Em
EmI grabbed her left breast and I'm pretty sure I tore it.
Em AmI said, "Go down," but she didn't have the stomach for it.
Am EmHer teeth fell out and her tounge fell out to boot.
EmBut all in all she was a rotten kind of cute.
EmWell I was tense it was plain to see.
Em AmA sort of rigor mortis was comin' over me.
Am EmI didn't want to see it but I just had to believe it.
EmI had a stiffy for the stiff in front of me.
Chorus (ladadadadaa etc.) Em Am Em Am Em Am Em Am Em Asus2add11+ Em
EmNow I'm fallin' apart from my head down to my toes.
Em AmI don't know which of my organs is the next to go.
Am EmI've been such a sleaze since she gave me the disease.
EmWouldn't you know now I'm a zombie gigolo.
EmI took my first client on a date.
Em AmWe took a walk to the cemetery gate.
Am EmI got under her slip, but then I heard a rip.
EmI pulled it out and I said, "Baby keep the tip."
Chorus (ladadadadaa etc.) Em Am Em Am Em Am Em Am Em Asus2add11+ Em Asus2add11+ Asus2add11+ Morally I'm destitute, in the tomb of ill repute. Asus2add11+ Asus2add11+ Em She's a rotten kind of cute for a zombie prostitute. NB: I based this on Voltaire's live album and being in the front row of seeing him live myself XD The trickiest bit was finding the Asus2add11+, which I only got by being literally within arms reach of his fretboard, if I named the chord incorrectly then my guitar software has failed me, but the fingering at the top is correct. Have a listen to the live track on http://www.voltaire.net/music/ (or on youtube) to find the strumming rhythms and enjoy! :)
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