Voltaire - Brains chords version 1


e|10--9---10-9-10-|----------------|----------------| b|----------------|-10---11-10-11--|----------------| g|----------------|----------------|-12-------------| D|----------------|----------------|----12----------| x2 A|----------------|----------------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------|----------------|
DmWell hello there little boy.Now don't be shy.
A7Step right up, I'm a reasonable guy.
DmDon't be frightened by the look in my eye.
Gm A7I'm just your average evil meteor from outta the sky.
Repeat intro
DmWell, I'm just shy and scared in this place
A7I'm just a fish outta water from outer space
DmYou can see that the trip has left me tired and drained
Gm A7So why don't you be a pal...And bring me some brains
DmGo down to your neighbor's place
A7See the dull expression on his face
DmYou'd be doing him a favor if you brought him to me
Gm A7He aint using his brain he's just watching TV!
DmGo down to Mr. McGee's
A7He hasn't had a thought since '43.
DmHis brain is the portrait of atrophy.
Gm A7He ain't using it, why not give it to me?
DmBRAINS, BRAINS, I won't lie,
A7I'll eat their brains 'til they're zombified.
DmSure they might think it's deranged
GmBut they won't give it a thought
A7After I've eaten they're brain.
DmBRAINS, BRAINS, It's okay.
A7It's not a matter if it isn't gray,
DmAnd if at first they thinks it's strange,
GmThey won't think twice
A7If they don't have a brain!
repeat pattern through the whole song with the intro between each 1 progression in the verse.
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