Vybz Kartel – Thank Yuh Jah chords

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|Kartel has already had several collaborations with international hip-hop and pop 
stars. In terms of singles sold, he has had the second-best year on the reggae 
charts for 2003 (outsold only by Elephant Man) and has released 2 albums for UK/US 
based label Greensleeves Records Ltd. He was also featured twice on the Def 
Jamaica project, and nominated for Source, VIBE and UK MOBO

[Lyrics by dcfryxell@yahoo.com]

Fm - 133211 or 88101098
Bbm - 113321 or 688666
Eb - 668886
C#m - 466544

Psalms 127 Selah, 
except di lawd build di house, dey live in vain dat build it,
except di lawd keep di city, di watchmen watch it, but in vain.
Thank yuh, its just another day, selah, its just another day... 

[Chorus 1]E|--1----1---1--1---1----8--6---4--1
Fm Bbm Thank yuh jah mi wake up dis morning
Eb C#m roll out di herbs before me start yawning
Fm Bbmtun round bus a kiss pon mi dawlin
Eb C#mtell har seh honey mi ah touch inna di steet
In di street mi see poor people bawlin nuff juvenile nuh even nyam from morning, weh di black woman future me aks him weh di system a do fi she? No. [Verse]
Fm Fm Fm Eb Eb EbBig up di gyal dem weh fight it alone an ah raise two three pickney pon dem own,
Fm Fm Fm Eb Eb Ebweh di man deh? no man know dey home, Babylon have dem inna jail.
Fm Fm Fm Big up di juvenile dem inna di street,
Eb Eb Ebwe a seh dem haffi make it an nah touch di chrome,
Fm Fm Fm Eb Eb Eb dem no waan wi fi claim our own, but Africa nah found nuf hole inna road
Fm Eb Ghetto youth we go on and on, Babylon waan wi gone,
Fm Eb hungry from morning til night come, dem waan wi fi live our life so,
Fm Eb dem ah wonder if di youth dem a go stop, no,
Fma wonder if di ghetto a go drop, no,
Ebdem a wonder if wi catch inna di trap, no,
Fma wonder if jah tun him back. no,
[Chorus 2] Thank yuh jah mi wake up dis morning, got up an smile out when mi see it stormin, mi vision seh better days coming every day dat mi a pree, mi nuh see nuh job nah no free education weh dem did promise, none ah dem never give way nothing, its like ghetto youths lost to di system every day dat mi a pree, no, [Verse] [Chorus 1] [Verse] [Chorus 2] [Fade after two lines of Verse] [Jah love mi bredren!]
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