Vocaloid – Dream Eating Monochrome Baku chords

Em C B (x2)
Em Bm G A Em Bm C B (x2)

[Verse 1]
EmWhere the hell did I come from?
Em C BWhat sort of look do I feel like putting on?
EmNo one knows, I'll tell you why
Em C BI'm a dream-eating demon colored monochrome,
Em (starts next chord progression) yeah that's right. [Instrumental] Em Bm G A Em Bm C B [Verse 2]
EmSee this missy over here?
Em C BShe's got a lack of sleep and she's so full of fear
Emtake the service I provide
Em C Bjust let me cast a spell that make the bad dreams hide!
Am F B C B C BHow about we seal the deal with our pinkies now? OW
C BHavin' scary dreams are we?
Em GJust leave it all up to me!
C B Em G A Blet me eat up everything completely
C Bleaving you without a worry
Em Gnow you're sleeping peacefully
Am B EmJust forget all of the bad things that you used to see! OW
[Instrumental] Em Bm G A Em Bm C B (x2) [Verse 2]
EmSee the missy over there?
Em C BShe wants another favor, there's another scare
EmOh, you know, I can't say no
Em C BThis sort of thing, I guess it makes me happy so
Am F B C B C BHow about we seal the deal with a little kiss Ah~
C BAll the dreams you want me to bring
Em GI will give you everything
C B Em G A BI'll take all the trouble under my wing
C BEvery happy sweeter story
E Gand some naughty fantasies
Am B EmI'll eat everything! Every single dream you hold for me!
[Instrumental] C B Em G C B Em G A B C B Em G Am B Em [Bridge]
Em G A BIt's pilin' up more and more
Em G D Emevery single dream you've got in store
Em G A BTell everything to me
Em G D Emevery single thing you want me to be
Em G A BJust so you're knowing the fee
Em G D Emcause the price you pay, no, It ain't cheap
Em G A BYou can't get away from here
Am B Emfrom this black and white paradise!
C BWhen the full moon rises again
Em GMy work it has met it's end
C B Em G A Band the fee are you aware what it'll be?
C Beverything in those pretty eyes
Em Gall the color will be mine
Am B EmCan I just lick it up? Everything that you've got! Ah
C BDon't be making that face at me
Em Gwelcome to reality!
C B Em G A BAin't this what you wanted everything to be?
C BWaste time dreaming, you know it too
Em Gdreams will never be coming true
Am B EmSo enjoy your stay in a world of monochrome days! Ow~
[Outro] Em Bm G A Em Bm C B (x4)
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