Waifs – Haircut tab

Ok, pretty much a first effort.  Enjoy!

The chord sequence goes like this all the way through:

C  Em  Am  F  G

See this is more than a haircut
Im wearing on my head
Thought Id dye it red
F                 G
Got it cut off instead
Or maybe I could sell 
my long blonde locks
Youre always after something 
F            G
Somethin Im not

CHORUS:  (same chords)

You see Im dark underneath
Im darker by far
Im as dark as hell
You know who you are


My eyes
I wish they were green
My skin so damn brown
But the sun it dont see
And fingernails I coulda
Stuck them on
The hair on my lip
I shoulda waxed it off

You know my lips could do 
with a little more pout
The mole on my chin
I could do without
And my cheek bones they never
Sat real high
I'll get some bone put in
They can take it from my thigh

CHORUS *****************************

So now when I make love
I make love to myself
I got no disease 
And its good for my health
I got my hands in my pants
Down my Calvin Kleis
I dont need you no more baby
I can come everytime

CHORUS *****************************

Baby dont ever show
Your face here again
To me
Or any of my friends
Coz Im glad I found out
what youre all about
When I finally fell down 
off my cloud
When you ran away
You broke my heart
You kept my ???? books
And that ol' guitar

CHORUS *************

You see its more than a haircut
Im wearing on my head
Thought Id dye it red
But I got it cut off instead.
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