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Waikiki – Here Comes September chords

Here Comes september

Intro: A C G Dm x2
A C G DmYeah, Im your lover I could scale your city walls
A C G DmThough there were others, you never left me at all.
A C G Dm Love paved our way with initialled side walk steets
A C G DmBut here comes september, and we both know what that means
G DmSometimes its out of our grasp
G Dm FNot everythings made to last
C FIf thats the way you wanna remember
D Fwell thats the way you gotta remember
C F D FBut I wont cry now, here comes september
A CIts gonna be winter
G DmBut I guess you'll never know
A C G DmCuz in California, it doesnt snow
Pre Chorus Chorus x2
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