Wainwright Loudon - Happy Birthday Elvis tab

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Happy Birthday Elvis
Loudon Wainwright III

(Played bluesy--- "I'm A Man" Riff)
Happy birthday Elvis, you're not really dead.
Its a lie, its just a crock
Something some people said.
I heard a cousin of you speaking on a telephone
        B7                            E
From a bunker beneath Graceland, the king sits on his throne.

Happy birthday Elvis, 58 years today
Is it true you didn't die
no matter what they say.
The colonel just decided you should drop out of sight
after the Bicentennial, the timing was just right.

Happy birthday Elvis, you're alive in '93
Lord the took away the body, 
but who the hell was he?
Who was that tall fat man they buried in your place?
Just another imitator,
plastic surgeons did his face.

Happy birthday Elvis, you still love to ball
Somebody said she spotted you
in a Memphis mall.
Check out the checkout counters, read what the tabloids say,
Aliens abducted you but somehow you got away.

Happy birthday Elvis, I for one will not shed tears.
You'll be back for the millenium
Thats in seven measly years.
And if you're blue and lonely pick up that telephone,
Down in that bunker beneath Graceland, the king sits on his throne.

B7                            A      E
Bunker beneath Graceland, the king sits on his throne!
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