Wainwright Loudon – Me & All The Other Mothers tab

Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 14:04:08 +0100
From: D Heggie 

                    "Me and all the Other Mothers"
                         by Loudon Wainwright 

Chords and lyrics written out by David Heggie (texdh@bonaly.hw.ac.uk)

This song's really pretty easy - the verses are all just C G and D
repeated quickly (I've put them on the first verse below - after that
it's just more of the same).

The recording of this song that I've got is from some radio session
or other, so I don't know how like the record it is, but on this one
he plays quite quickly, and it's all fairly loose (no fancy picking 
or anything - just strum, strum, strum).

Also on the D chords, he adds Dsus4 every now and then (it seems like
he plays it when he feels like, so I'd do the same if I were you).

C       G             D
 Me and all the other mothers
    C               G          D
 We hang around the playground all day
C              G          D
 Watching over all of our precious young ones
    C                    G                   D
 We watch them climb and slide and swing and play

(play the rest of the verses as above - listen to the record
 to get the *proper* timing!)

Yeah, we were sippin' on our coffee containers
Chit-chattin' telling little white lies
Labour, horror-stories and painless abortions
I wasn't feeling like one of the guys

Barefootin' all over that sand-pile
"Get down from that jungle, Jim!"
And their whole wide world is just three lunch boxes
And a luke-warm water fountain

Chorus : 

 Me and all the other mothers
      G                A         D
 Were praying that the sun gonna shine
            A                       D            G
 And if the winos and weirdos steer clear of the playground

 [No Chord]
C              G       D
 Everything'll be just fine
C                   G  D         (hold the D)
 Yeah Everything'll be just fine

It's easy to get injured in the playground
Scrapes and bruises on the girls and the boys
No, it's no bed of roses, no bowl of Cheerios
And they say you've got to share your toys!

But mother knows best in the playground
When they watch them and they leave them alone
And if the don't want to play, she can make them all stay
And she knows just when to take them all home

I got a crush on a mother
Maybe we should inter-tangle our lives
Her son and my daughter were born for each other
And she's reminding me of all of my wives


[BREAK] - just repeat one verse ( C G D ) 

I saw an actual father !
But there was something wrong with something he did
He and his son were climbing up in a tree
And someone said that he'd kidnapped the kid

Well then the mothers they all started screaming
And pointing at the man in the tree
The sharp-shooters arrived and they shot the man dead
You know, that guy, he could've been me

A grown man should no go tree-climbing
It's about time that that guy grew up
But most fathers are really like winos and weirdos
In the long run, they always screw up


End on D

That's it.
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