Wainwright Loudon – One Man Guy tab ver. 2

From: phillip@jura.hgu.mrc.ac.uk (Phillip Lord)

	Its called “One man guy” and its not of fame and wealth, but is 
off the other one of the LP’s that is one this double CD of mine, and 
Im buggered if I can remember what its called.

	I think that it is in G, and I have got a reasonable way into 
the song using G C and D, and then what appears to be an Emin, and I 
never was very good at those minor chord things.

	Here it is

	One Man Guy by Louden Wainwright III

	Typed in (and failed to be tabbed so far) by Phil Lord

	People will know when they see this show,
	the kind of a guy I am,
	they’ll under stand jsut what I stand for,
	and what I just cant stand,
	they’ll percieve what I believe in and what I know is true
	and theyll recognise Im a one man guy, always was through
		and through

	Yeah Im a one man guy in the morning,
	same in the afternoon,
	One man guy when the sun goes down,
	I whistle me a one man tune

	One man guy, one man guy, only kind of guy to be,
	one man guy, Im a one man guy, 
	and the one man is me

	People meditate, hey thats just great,
	trying to find an inner you,
	and people depend on familly and friends,
	other folks to get you through
	I dont know why this is a one man guy,
	I dont know why this is a one man show,
	but these three cubic feet of bone and blood and meat 
		are what I love and know,

	cause Im a one man guy ........

	Im gonna bath and shave and dress myself and 
		and go solo everynight,
	unplug the phone sleep alone, stay right out of sight,
	shit its kind of lonely, yeah its sort of sick,
	being your own one and only is a selfish dirty trick,

	cause Im a one man guy.........

	Phil Lord
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