Waits Tom – Telephone Call From Istanbul tab

Telephone Call From Istanbul    Tom Waits

(The FWY  version is either a 1/2 step up or down, i can't remember,
	this one is in the key of Fm)

the chords:

         Verse                            Chorus
Fm Bbm C Bbm7 Eb Ab Bbm* C Fm* e --x-- --6-- --x-- --6-- --x-- --x-- --9-- --8-- --8-- B --9-- --6-- --8-- --6-- --6-- --9-- -11-- --8-- --9-- G -10-- --6-- --9-- --6-- --8-- --8-- -10-- --9-- -10-- D -10-- --8-- -10-- --6-- --8-- -10-- -11-- -10-- -10-- A --8-- --8-- -10-- --x-- --8-- -11-- --x-- -10-- --8-- E --x-- --6-- --x-- --6-- --x-- --x-- --x-- --8-- --8-- T
i like to play the verse chords with as many fingers as i can. (does that make any sense?) i think it allows for a more controled muting. it also sounds good to barre them. of course it also sounds goo to playy the bass part of the verses. it goes like this: Fm Bbm C Fm
repeat that a couple times (words: [Fm]all night long on the broken glass [Bbm]living in a medicine chest [C]mediteromainian hotel back [Fm]sprawled across a roll top desk. etc...) the chorus is like this: [Bbm7]sell me one of those if i shave my head [Eb]get me out of town is what fire ball said [Ab]never trust a man in a blue trench coat [Ab]never drive a car when you're dead [Bm*]Saturday's a festival, Friday's a gem [C]dye your hair yellow and raise your hem [Fm*]follow me to Beulah's on dry creek road [Fm*]i just got to wear the dress that my baby done sowed for the last two Fm chords, i like to play this: (these are straight quarter notes)
Fm* Fm*e|---------------------------|-----------------B|---------------------------|-----------------G|-10--10--9--9--8--8--7--7--|--6--6--5--5--4--- now solo over the verseD|-10--10--9--9--8--8--7--7--|--6--6--5--5--4--- chords: Fm, Bbm, C, FmA|---------------------------|-----------------E|---------------------------|----------------
i guess that's about everything... have fun jamming, this is a wonderful song to improvise over. any questions,comments,corrections,flames,stories,points of view or otherwise please write: Todd Olsen
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