Wake Up Your Seatmate - Hanging Out With You tab

Wake Up Your Seatmate
Hanging Out With You
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

The band
Mia Tengco - Vocals/Rhythm
Celine Pineda - Lead/Back Vocals
Patty Peralta - Bass/Back Vocals
Atchoo Ilagan - Drums

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Bb5 - 688xxx
F5 -  8-10-10-x-x-x
Eb5 - 688xxx
D5 -  577xxx

Intro: 1 2 3 go!! Bb5-F5-Bb5-F5-Bb5-F5-Eb5-- (x2)

Verse 1:
Bb5   F5        Bb5    F5  Eb5
  You used me up once again As I lock my head off
Bb5 F5        Bb5     F5        Eb5
  I can't stop, can't get enough, I'm smoking this stuff

Refrain 1:
    Bb5-F5-Eb5     Bb5-F5-Eb5
And now,       And now

Verse 2:
Bb5      F5      Bb5 F5        Eb5 
  Please sit down,    let's talk or maybe we'll take a walk
Bb5    F5     Bb5 F            Eb5   
  Just tell me    what you feel like you're about to fall

Refrain 2:
    Bb5-F5-Eb5      Bb5-F5-Eb5
And please,     and please

D5        F5              Eb5
  It's so nice to see you laughing to us
    D5     F5          Eb5
I'm having so much fun being with you
    D5                F5
And all the things we say and do
  D5               F5
A song to sing and listen to
     D5 F5        Eb5
It's one, one big party
      D5  F5 Bb5(hold)
And I love,   Hanging out with you go!!!

Post Chorus:
Mia: Intro chords

D|-3(x32)- (x2)A|-1------E|--------
Verse 2: Bb5 F5 Bb5 F5 Eb5 I want to go to get a tatto Bb5 F5 Bb5 F5 Eb5 Or maybe go to a gig were getting... Refrain 3: Bb5-F5-Eb5 Bb5 F5-Eb5 ...off, We're running out of time (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Intro) Bridge: Beat switches to a slow one
Celine:e|----3-------------------B|-3----3--1-------3--4-3-G|--------------3---------D|------------3----------- (x2)A|------------------------E|------------------------
Bb5-F5 Bb5 F5 Bb5-F5 Eb5 Maybe sometime, let's get together Bb5-F5 Bb5 F5 Bb5-F5 Eb5 Let's go down there or let's go to my party Bb5-F5 Bb5 F5 Eb5 Let's eat (eat brownies!!) (laughs) Do you scream so much (Repeat Chorus and witch the beat back to fast) Outro: Intro Chords Go! go!! go!!! ... (x2) End on Bb5
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