Walk Off The Earth – Love Sponge chords

Love Sponge

version by: Walk Off The Earth

if you notice any mistakes, please let me know and I'll fix em :)

A D AThis one is called lovers choice
E ANever know yuh woulda really feel so nice, love sponge
D AI don't want to let you go
EWith You I'm in no hurry (oh no)
A ALord you are lovable, kissable
D D EDesire the inevitable
A A D D E Without your sweet caress I'm so damn miserable
A A D D ETouch your finesse, feel the fur of your coat
A A D D ESeen you walk away saying my eyes in smoke
A You are dressible, lookable
D A All the man dem after yuh
A D EThey claim you do something they just can't explain
ATo the brain
D AYour man shouldn't have no complain
Oh no Chorus Hey slowmotion is the way for us to enjoy the day Always taking time to listen what she got to say She thinks I be spending too much time on the beat I try to make her overstand that's how we eat darling don't quarrel with me, It hurts too easily don't be messed up by silly tendency No no way Chorus She mek a caan forget about the huging and squeezing Ah feel as if I'm upside down in the ceiling Confess, this girl is the ultimate thing What it means to be loved, no need asking Swing baby swing, while I continue sing Your favrite song Lats go dancing Hey Chuh Chorus could also be played Capo 2 Play G for A Play C for D Play D for E
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