Walk Off The Earth – Roll Up tab

Hey Guys and Girls!
Here is the Tabs for "Roll up" by Wiz Khalifa, that Walk of the Earth made a cover of.


Chords used in the song:

Em D G C

Guitar Riff in song:

e---------------- ---------------- --------------------|B---------------- ---------------- --------------------|G---------------- ---------------- --------------------|D-5---4--5--7---- --5-7-10--9-7-5- -5--4--5--7---------|A-------------5-- ---------------- ------------5-----7-|E---------------- ---------------- --------------------|
Bass riff in song:
G---------- ---7-- ----------|D---------- ------ ----------|A--------7- ------ --------3-|E--0--7---- -5---- -3--3-----|
Hope you like it.
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