Walk Off The Earth – Fairytale Of New York chords


CAPO 3nd!!!!!!e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- |B|---0---2-3--------------------------------------------------------------- |G|-2---0-----2---0---------------------------------------------------------- |D|-------------0---4-2-0-0---------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C FIt was Christmas Eve babe, In the drunktank
C GAn old man said to me, won't see another one
C FAnd then he sang a song, The Rare Old Mountain Dew
C G CI turned my face away And dreamed about you
C FGot on a lucky one Came in eighteen to one
C GI've got a feeling This year's for me and you
C FSo happy Christmas, I love you baby
C G CI can see a better time When all our dreams come true
CThey've got cars
GBig as bars
Am FThey've got rivers of gold
CBut the wind goes right through you
GIt's no place for the old
C AmWhen you first took my hand
C FOn a cold Christmas Eve
CYou promised me
G CBroadway was waiting for me
CYou were handsome
You were pretty
GQueen of New York City
C FWhen the band finished playing
G CThey howled out for more
CSinatra was swinging
GAll the drunks they were singing
C FWe kissed on the corner
G CThen danced through the night
F GThe boys of the NYPD choir
C AmWere singing 'Galway Bay'
C FAnd the bells were ringing
G COut for Christmas day
[Short Instrumental] C F C G C F C G C
CYou're a bum
GYou're a punk
Am FYou're an old slut on junk
CLiving there almost dead
Gon a drip In that bed
CYou scum bag
You maggot
GYou cheap lousy faggot
C FHappy Christmas your arse
GI pray God
CIt's our last
F GThe boys of the NYPD choir
C AmStill singing `Galway Bay`
C FAnd the bells are ringing
G COut for Christmas Day
C FI could have been someone Well, So could anyone
C GYou took my dreams From me when I first found you
C FI kept them with me babe I put them with my own
C G CCan't make it all alone I've built my dreams around you
F GThe boys of the NYPD choir
C AmStill Singing `Galway Bay`
C FAnd the bells are ringing
G COut for Christmas Day
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