Walker And The Brotherhood Of The Grape – Christmas In Nyc tab

Christmas in NYC

Walker and The Brotherhood of the Grape from the C.D. "Bar-Humbug" on Into the whip
D          D/B	               G	D         D/B	  G	     D 
Check your memory and you will find me there on a corner near Times Squre
      D                  D/B            G     D     
even though we are not together It will be alright
         D            D/B	      G	      D
you can see me if you want to in your dreams tonight
Bm	     G	          D	  Bm	     G	           D
pulling the cork from the red and smiling at what has been said
Bm	    Em	         A
alone, but together once more
        D	         G C Am	        D	   G	      C	       Am
CHORUS: It is Christmas in New York and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else
     D	        G	         C    Am	       D	G    C 
     then right here in this city tonight I get the feeling I am not by 
D            D/B	   G	       D
My watch has stopped at a quarter past one
D	           D/B	          G            D
the trains and the buses and the horses still run
D	       D/B	       G                 D  
the greatest gift would be if you were here with me
D	       D/B	        G	 D
and visions of suger plums in a concrete sea
Bm	     G	             D    Bm	      G	          D
the bums go shuffling their feet looking for something to eat
Bm	  Em	        A
alone but together once more

CHORUS: repeat
Bm	         G	D
It can't be like this everywhere
Bm	      G	           D
I think I'll just stop and stare
     Bm	      Em	            A
I'm alone but somehow a part of It all


Walker Hornung 2003
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